17 Must Have Android Apps for Your Phone and Tablets - 2018

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Android is the most installed operating system on smartphones, Playstore which is the official Android Apps market boast of over a million Apps, most of these Apps are nothing to write home about though, that is why I have compiled this list to help you filter this ocean of Apps and get the best out of it.
I have 17 basic Applications that every Android phone user must have on this page, as a matter of fact, please note that these Apps are introduced randomly not according to precedence.

Visit Playstore on your Android Device to Download and Install any of these Apps.

  Snap Seed

An Image Editing tool with advanced functionality filters such as Healing, Brush, HDR Scape, Structure, Vintage, Grainy Film Etc. One good thing about this App is that it's self-explanatory, you can actually add all sort effect to your images without any professional photo editing knowledge.


This App is very useful to music lovers, perhaps there are songs you would love to have but you barely know its title or singer, Shazam comes in handy in such situation this App could actually listen to a song and tells you the Title, Singer and where to download it. in addition, this App could also discover movies, Television Show, Advertising and music lyrics base on a short sample played.

  Adobe Reader

Adobe readrer
Adobe Reader is synonymous with Portable Document Format (PDF) Creator, Editor, and Viewer on Android and other Platform, it's a must-have App for E-Book viewing on Android device, it paid version allows you to manipulate document online and manage file anywhere.


Quora is a Q&A Platform that covers a wide range of subject ranging from personal to professional concern, the answers to questions are contributed by its community of users, I recommend this App for you, it's a cool way to gain and share knowledge without restriction.


Google Keep

Google Keep is a Note Taking Service available on Android Platform, this App does not only Capture, Edit and Share thoughts, you can record a voice Memo and have it automatically transcribed, users could sign in to Google account to automatically synchronize across all platform, lastly, it could also function as a reminder.


Here is another Google product for you. Datally helps you monitor and manage your Data usage by providing options to restrict or allow a particular App on your Android device to connect to the internet, the App also allows you to easily set your daily Data limit.


Netflix offers streaming service for TV Series, Movies & Documentaries online, it's the leading internet television network, with over 100 million subscribers, so if you are a movie or TV series lover you certainly need Netflix App on your Android Device.

Avast Mobile Security

Our Mobile Phones are more like computers as such they inherit all the security challenges of regular computers, like being hacked, Virus or Malware attack, just about any damage could be done to it, hence you must have it protected by a security software such as Avast.


Seems this One does not need an Intro, though, for those who are not familiar with this App, Whatsapp is a free messaging and Voice over IP service platform that automatically adds a new contact (Phone Number) to your Whatsapp list. it's straightforward, no login or friend request is required.



A commercial digital music streaming service that gives you access to millions of songs online, the service allows you to search and discover any Artiste and Album of your choice, you can also create and listen to your own playlist online though you need a subscription to have access to all of that.

Facebook Messenger

Messenger is a Free Messaging, Video and Voice Call App from Facebook, it's a must-have App, in that it helps you connect with your Facebook friends around the world. To use Messenger you must first login your Facebook account.


A Video Sharing website where you can create a channel and upload your video for the world to see and as well subscribe to video channels to view videos uploaded by others. Youtube App is available on Play Store.


Google Drive

Google Drive
Google Drive is a Cloud Storage and Document management web service developed by Google, the program allows users to make cloud storage and file backup, synchronize files across devices and access them from anywhere around the world.


Xender is a high-speed file Sharing App for Android Platform, it enables Android to Android and  Android to PC connection couple with a simple and self-explanatory interface. You need this App for a swift Movies, Pictures, Music, Apps and other document transfer.


TouchPal Keyboard is a Touchscreen alternative input method which provides a gesture-based keyboard on Android devices. The App could learn your typing pattern and subsequently, use the Info. to predict text accurately, it comes with many themes to choose from, an autocorrect database, beautiful Emojis and support for over 130 languages.

Du Speed Booster

Here's another utility App for you, Du Speed booster is a reliable Optimization Tool with inbuilt Antivirus feature, with this App you can easily get rid of junk files, accelerate phone speed by clearing Cache to reduce processor load, the App is especially useful for phones with low RAM memory, with just a single click you can free up a lot of space to increase available storage.

Zaza Remote

Zaza Remote
Universal Remote control App for all appliances, though this App might be useless on phones without built-in infrared (IR) support, nevertheless with this App your Smartphone could remote your TV/AC and another device as a remote controller.

This is where I would Stop, though I don't expect you to do same, there are so many useful Apps on Play Store that is not on this list, you can do the rest of the search and discovery according to your need by yourself.

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