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Download All Lenovo Mobile Phones Flash File (Firmware, Scatter Files).
How To Flash Lenovo Mobile Phones With Ease Using SP Flash Tool
Download The Latest SP Flash Tool 
Extract The Folder, Locate and Launch Flash Tool
Click On Scatter Loader Button
Select The Scatter File Of The Device You want to Flash 
Before You Click The Download Button
From The Dropdown Menu Of The Flash Tool Select Either Download Only, Firmware Upgrade Or Format + Download
Switch The Your Device Off and Connect It To Your PC 
When The Flash Process is Complete, Reboot The Device

If You wish to Learn More about Using SP Flash Tool and other Software Click Here

Lenovo A396
Lenovo A398T
Lenovo A398T+
Lenovo A399
Lenovo A399T
Lenovo A5000
Lenovo A516
Lenovo A526
Lenovo A529
Lenovo A536
Lenovo A536S
Lenovo A5500F
Lenovo A5500H
Lenovo A5500HV
Lenovo A560
Lenovo A5800D
Lenovo A586
Lenovo A5860
Lenovo A588T
Lenovo A590
Lenovo A60
Lenovo A60+
Lenovo A6000
Lenovo A6000+
Lenovo A6000L
Lenovo A600E
Lenovo A6010
Lenovo A6010 PLUS
Lenovo A606
Lenovo A616
Lenovo A628T
Lenovo A630
Lenovo A630T
Lenovo A65
Lenovo A656
Lenovo A658T
Lenovo A66
Lenovo A660
Lenovo A6600+ A6600a40
Lenovo A6600D40
Lenovo A670T
Lenovo A678T
Lenovo A680
Lenovo A688T
Lenovo A690
Lenovo A698T
Lenovo A7000
Lenovo A7000A
Lenovo A7000A+
Lenovo A7010
Lenovo A706
Lenovo A708T
Lenovo A7-30F
Lenovo A7-30GC
Lenovo A7-30H
Lenovo A7-30HC
Lenovo A7600H
Lenovo A7-60HC
Lenovo A766
Lenovo A7700
Lenovo A780E
Lenovo A789
Lenovo A798T
Lenovo A800
Lenovo A808T
Lenovo A816
Lenovo A820
Lenovo A828T
Lenovo A830
Lenovo A850
Lenovo A850+
Lenovo A858
Lenovo A858T
Lenovo A859
Lenovo A860E
Lenovo A880
Lenovo A889
Lenovo A890E
Lenovo A916
Lenovo A936
Lenovo B8080

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