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PJF Crack tool | Free Activated PJF Loader Setup

PJF is a workhorse of smartphone servicing and repairs outlet, despite having a very simple and self explanatory interface, this tool is among the best performer in the industry, its functionality ranges from reading basic phone info to the most task demanding operation, having said that, news just got to us that this elegant tool has been discontinued, however this version of the software  has been cracked and as such goes without any dongle. 


ADB Service
Features :

-Mi Pattern Unlock
-Read Info
-Pin Pass Remover
-Factory Mode Disable Samsung
-Fix Factory Mode Samsung Test
-List Code Diag Mode
-Bypass FRP
-Reset Data

[ Latest ] UMT GSM & CDMA Crack Setup >> Free UMT Loader >> No Dongle

umt dongle crack - free ultimate multi tool loader

UMT (Ultimate Multi Tool) is a multipurpose software with  support for both GSM and CDMA handsets, its features include Network Unlocking, Flashing, Servicing, Password Removal etc. Ultimate Multi Tool supports all the major chipset in the market making it compatible with many smartphone brand.

- Innovative CDMA Tool Supporting Latest Models
- Lava C181 Relienace All Version One Click Unlock - World First
- Lava CG142J All Version One Click Unlock - World First
- ZTE N799D Unlocking and Relocking Supported - World First
- Advance Android Device Partition Backup / Wipe / Restore
- Easy Android APN Config Read / Write
- Samsung Qualcomm Direct Factory Unlock
- Samsung SPD Direct Unlock without Root
- Huawei Modem Bulk Calculator, Calculate 100,000 of Codes in Seconds
- Universal Perso Unlocker - Unlock Any Brand and Model which uses this Method.

[ Latest ] IR-Key Tool Cracked loader >> Free iRKey Setup File >> Download

Free IR-key Cracked Setup and Loader File


IR-Key is a generic phone servicing solution package with support for a wide range of smartphones in the market, its features include root, unlock, backup and other functions. IR-Key also comes with a built-in FTP client with the ability to find custom ROMs and recovery files.

Download also,

IR-Key - Features

Unlock and root

Reset pattern lock/user lock

Upgrade all partitions in Fast Boot/HBoot/Recovery modes


Easy creation of Golden Card

Create and change animated boot

Fully automated ROM partitions creation

Construction and installation of Automatic recovery

Latest Avanger Box Free Crack >> Activated Setup File >> Download

avanger crack setup

Avengers Box is a powerful network unlocking tool which supports multiple brand of smartphones in the market, this premium tool offers lots of functions for servicing a wide range of mobile devices. 

Latest NCK Android MTK Cracked Tool >> Free Setup File >> No Box >> No Dongle

NCK Free Crack - No Life Time Activation

Here is another powerful tool for you, NCK android MTK tool is a general purpose servicing tool with the right feature for you, this software is packed with lots of advanced function to make jobs easier, NCK tool support all the major chips and many smartphone brand in the market. 
This version of the software has been cracked and made available for free, however we encourage our readers to purchase the box in order to enjoy the latest feature of this tool.

Octoplus Samsung 1.9.4 Cracked >> Loader And Setup Download

Samsung Octoplus crack tool free

Octoplus is the most popular Samsung/LG servicing tool in the market, this tool feature lots of advanced function for software related solution, Octoplus Samsung is designed with integrated support for all range of Samsung smartphones and its corresponding chipset, this version of the software is cracked, in other words, you wont be needing the box/hardware to run this tool, having said that we encourage you to port to the box(Paid) version of this tool as it's regularly updated to include the latest phone in the market. 

Octoplus Description

Read Info
Edit Language
Direct Unlock
Reset all Locks
Update Firmware
Read/Write Full Flash. Calibration data files
Read firmware version
Reset full factory
LG 3G-Cyon-Show-FOMA phones support
Anycall phones support
Repair IMEI
Multilingual software interface.
Format FS
Write and repair security
Write security backup
Read, write and repair TA
Hard reset
Read Boot/Flash
Write Boot/Flash
Erase Boot/Flash
Repair Boot/Flash
Repair EFS
Repair Wi-fi Address
Reset screen lock
Dump Ram
Flashing via USB.
Write, read and repair EEPROM
Write, read and repair NVS