How to Flash Itel Phones ROM with Research Download Tool

How to Flash Itel Pac File using Research Download Tool

How to Flash Itel Phones ROM with Research Download Tool

   Generally any electronic device could get bad, the problem might be caused by either its hardware or the software that powers the device, on that note Itel Phones, Tablets and other products are not left out, they could develop minor or major error that affect the performance of the device, for instance your
phone may suddenly hang for no reason or worse still gets bricked. If you are currently or have ever been in such a situation then this tutorial is for you.

I’m not going to discuss how to troubleshoot your phone hardware, I shall be specifically software inclined.
Itel phones are mostly powered by spreadtrum Chips (Processor) , though  recently Itel had introduce MediaTek (another type of processor make) on some of its line of device like the Itel P51 [Learn how to flashmediaTek device]. the kind of file used to flash a particular phone make depends on the Chip that powers it. Spreadtrum which is the most dominant Chipset used by Itel is flashed with a compressed file that has a .pac extension. There are free and paid tools out there that could write the file on your phone ROM , Research Download tool and miracle box are example of such tool the latter is not free while research download tool could be downloaded by a simple google search..

Few Jargons/Button associated with Research Download Tool and its firmware Package

• .Pac File : Spreadtrum Device including Itel flash file usually comes in this           compressed format, the file contains all the GUI, images, Modem and every       other file required to flash an Android base Spreatrum phone or tablet to life.

• Load Packet Button: this Button allows you to navigate your folders to where     you saved your Flash File and also load it.

• Setting Button: Used to set different parameters before flashing.

• Play/Start Downloading Button : this button initiates the flashing process.

• Stop Download Button: It does the opposite of the start Button [terminates] .

Flashing Tips

• Only resort to flashing when other options like factory reset, removal and           reinsertion/connection of battery fails.
• How do you feel when you mistakenly delete your unsaved pix ? bad i guess,       you may feel worse if you flash your device without backing up your files.
• To prevent sudden disruption ensure your battery is at least 40% charged.
• You file may be flagged as a virus by your antivirus software, I advice you             disable it before you proceed.
• Make sure you are flashing with the right .pac file for the model of your               phone, any mistake could be fatal.
• A perfectly working USB Cable could save you some trouble.
• You are following this tutorial at your own risk.

How To Flash Itel Phones and Tablet using Research Download Tool

• Download and install your Itel device USB Driver 

• Download your Itel Firmware from this Blog at [Collection of Itel Stock Rom]

• Download and extract the latest research Download Tool to your                  Computer

• Open research Download Tool folder and launch Researchdownload.exe

Flash Itel Phones

• On the Top left corner click on the Load Packet Button.

Flash .Pac Files

• At this point a new window will pop up, browse through the folders to where       you had saved your about to be flashed device file.

• Open the Folder, select .Pac file and click open.

Flash Spreadtrum Phones and Tablets

• The Pac File will be loaded and the file name will appear at the top center of       the tool interface.

Research Download Tool Tutorial

• Click the setting Button at the top left corner.

Pac Files for itel ROM

• Another window will pop up, simply unchecked any item you don't want to        flash and continue by clicking OK. or Ignore this step if you wish to flash all        the files.

Flash Itel Stock Rom, Firmware, Operating System

• Click the Start Download Button (The one that looks like play Icon).

Learn how to Root Itel Phones

• the tool is ready, waiting for your Phone.

Pac File Download and Phone Upgrade

• Turn Off your Itel Phone or Tablet (Spreadtrum Device).

• Do not remove the battery.

• Some Phones require that you hold the volume down (-) while connecting it      to your PC.

• The flashing process will commence, please do not disconnect your phone or     turn off your computer until you see "passed" or "fail" message .

Pac File

• Once the process is complete you will see a green "Passed" Message.

Tutorial on flashing Itel Phaone

• You are almost done !

• Click on the Stop Downloading Icon to disengage the tool then disconnect           your phone from the PC and Boot.

bricked itel phone reset and flashing

If It Fails Try Troubleshooting 

•  Change the USB Cable and Retry.
•  Inspect your Device USB Port for any sign of fault.
•  Download Another Firmware, make sure it corresponds to your Phone                  Model  and Variant.
•  Open and Service Your Device.

Itel Firmware Download | All Itel Products | Stock Rom Download | Repair

Itel is a Chinese mobile phone brand with a huge market size in Africa, India, and other Asian countries, as a subsidiary of Transsion Holdings, Itel is well known for bringing cutting-edge specification to Mobile Phones at affordable rate, its line of smartphones include the above-mentioned phones, all running Google’s Android Operating System, it also features basic phones, Accessories, and related products.  For more information visit:  Itel-Mobile

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