How To Flash Samsung Phones with Odin Flash Tool

Samsung Odin Flash tool | Flash Samsung S7, S8


 Just like other brand, Samsung phones ROM can also be flashed, your reason may range from having a bricked device to wanting to update your phone software, Whatever the case may be this tutorial would help you to familiarize with the tools and procedure you would follow to have your phone flashed.

Before we dive into the step by step procedure to follow when flashing a Samsung mobile phone I would like to introduce ODIN.  Odin is a powerful and popular Windows-based tool used to flash and update Samsung Device Operating System; well I don’t know why the team at XDA that developed the tool chooses to call it so; however, it’s certainly a god of Samsung Flash Tools.

Here are few Jargons [Buttons] related to the tool 

• PIT This section is dedicated to.Pit files the only instance when you may need it is when you have tempered with your partition table or when a firmware update needs to change your partition layout which is very rare so don’t worry about it except you know what you are doing.

• Bootloader The next section is meant for a new bootloader, personally I have not used it before maybe it will be useful to me in future but for now, don’t worry about this part of the tool.

• PDA / AP This is where you would load your .tar or .tar.md5 file, don’t be confused if you find either PDA or AP on your version of Odin, the name change don’t affect your file it’s based on Odin versions.

• PHONE This section is dedicated to the file that contains the modem.

• CSC or consumer software customization this section load files which relate to the specific carrier and geographical software, such as APN settings for data connection.

Flash with Odin Tool

Note: If you don’t find PHONE and CSC file after extracting your firmware don’t panic as the files have been integrated into a single PDA or AP file.


• Backup your files in an external storage device before you continue reading the remainder of this Tutorial.
• You must have at least 40% - 50% charge on your device before proceeding.

• Make sure you are flashing with the right firmware as flashing with an incorrect ROM could be fatal.

• Enable USB Debugging Mode on your device else you may get a connection error.

• Make sure Samsung Kies is not running otherwise it may prevent Odin. it's a good practice to close all programs especially Anti Virus Software before launching Odin.

• Once initiated, do not interrupt Odin’s flashing process until it shows a green pass or fail.

• Flashing your Device may void your warranty (refer to your warranty agreement)

• You are about to follow this Tutorial at your own risk.
Download Odin and Follow the Steps Provided Below to Flash Your Phone
• First and foremost follow these links to download the latest and previous Odin versions
Link 1 Odin3 Tools
Link 2 Odin3 v3.13.3
• Your next step is to download and install Samsung  USB Drivers or Kies on your PC.

• Download and extract your specific phone model firmware from this Page [Samsung Files], it will either come as a single .tar.md5, .tar extension or multiple files. If there are multiple files you would find three files named after their respective button [AP/PDA, CSC & Phone]  In the case you do not find CSC and Phone file don’t worry just flash the AP or PDA portion with the .tar file.

• By now you have Downloaded Odin what you will do next is to extract Odin on your PC, double-click on Odin.exe to install the Tool. Please note Odin must be run as Administrator to start Odin.

• Make sure that only “Auto Reboot and F.Reset Time” out of the four checkboxes are ticked, any addition to these two could be fatal.

• Boot your Samsung Device in download mode. Follow these steps to do that.
a.  Switch your device off
b.  Press and hold power + Home + Volume down buttons till a triangle and android robot display on your screen.
c.  Next press Volume up button to confirm entering the download mode.

• Once your Device is in download mode, your next step is to connect your Samsung Device to the computer by USB cable. When your device is connected, one of Odin ID: COM boxes will turn yellow and display the COM port number. Odin will also automatically detect the device you connected and show "added" message.

Odin ROM Flash Tool not to make Mistake | Flash Samsung s8

• At this point, click PDA or AP button browse your extracted firmware folder  If it had just one file simply select the firmware file with .tar or .tar.md5 extension.
If your firmware folder has multiple files:
•  Click on PDA/AP button, then browse and select the file that has CODE/PDA in its name.
•  Click on Odin's Phone button and select the file that has MODEM in its name.
•  Click on CSC button and choose the file that contains CSC in its name.
Ignore any other file that may come with your firmware package.
• When you have successfully selected the corresponding file or files, click on “Start” button in Odin.
• Please do not disconnect your device or turn off your computer during Flash process until it's successful or failed.
• Once the process is completed you will see “Green pass Message” your device will reboot automatically. You can now disconnect from the PC. Congratulations !!!!!!!

If It Fails Don't Worry Try Troubleshooting :

•  Try different USB Cable and USB COM. Port.

•  Run Odin as Administrator.

•  Update your device USB Driver.

•  Enable USB Debugging. 

•  Restart your computer.

•  Turn Off your Anti Virus Software.

•  Re-download your firmware ensure it corresponds to your device model.

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