Nokia 3310 Is Back, See The New Nokia 3310 Specification

Nokia 3310

17 years ago this phone was popular for its durability and long battery life, recently the phone is ready to be relaunched into the market to continue from where it predecessor stopped.
The new Nokia 3310 is designed to meet today’s demand for a phone that can offer durability yet elegant design at the same time.
Let’s take a look at what the new legendary Nokia 3310 is coming with.


The new Nokia 3310 price has been set at €49, that about 18,000 Naira (around $40), making it affordable as a backup phone, a price that will appeal to both Nokia Fans and those that need a secondary Phone.
Although there’s no specific new Nokia 3310 release date yet, with the firm only confirming that it will be available sometime in April-June.


 The New Nokia 3310 has a cool design, the phone has most of its feature still looking like the original 3310, the border about the screen and the arrangement of its keypad still gives a look of its former self, although the phone has been trimmed down to appear more portable.
It has a tip that is just 79.6g, compared to the 137g of the previous one making it comfortably lighter, with a solid plastic casing.
The display has been worked on like many other features, it’s unlike the previous black and white display enjoyed in the early 2000, the new version comes with a fully colored display (2.4-inch, 240 x 320)

Nokia 3310

The new Nokia 3310 comes in four different color , the dark blue and gray are the traditional Nokia 3310 color, while yellow and warm red are just new like the new Nokia 3310 , don’t worry if your favorite color is not listed hopefully we’ll have more colors in the aftermarket.
Though The text appear perfect , it’s not touch screen supported, seems better that way to maintain more originality, the graphics are not design for high resolution gaming yet you can still have your snake go around eating balls.


Popular Snake is back on the new Nokia, though with lots of improvement compared to the original.
Called Snake Xenzia, the new version is made by Gameloft and features a series of levels with various map layouts as well as the classic survival mode where you get an uninterrupted square to navigate.
The snake looks more snake-like, and it's all in color for your visual pleasure. If you jump straight into the game you'll find the controls require you to use just the 4 and 6 keys to direct your creature in a similar fashion to
Snake purists needn't fear though, as a quick trip to the game's settings menu allows you to select from four different controller options - with the classic 2, 4, 6, 8 directional controls present.
You can also choose to use the four ways navigation pad on the new if you don't fancy using the number keys, and it makes it slightly easier to manage when playing one handed.


Nokia has maintain its featured operating system, with the new 3310 running the old Nokia series 30+, this means you won’t be getting neither Android nor window 10 running on it.
You can expect a number of menu options like Call Logs, Contacts, Calculator and Messages joined by a calendar, a basic web browser, photos, music player, radio, voice recorder and a camera application.
We have been informed that Twitter and Facebook will be available for download on the Nokia store that will come with the new Nokia 3310.

Nokia 3310

The bad news is that the New Nokia 3310 is basically 2.5G compatible which means no high speed browsing and download like the one you enjoy on 3G and 4G supported Phones.
It also does not support Wi-Fi, so no connection to a home or office network for a faster connection either. It comes with Bluetooth though, along with a music player and a 3.5mm headphone jack that allows you to listen to any tracks you put on a microSD card and slide inside the handset.
The new Nokia 3310 comes with barely 16mb of internal storage, that’s enough to store probably three mp3 songs, don’t worry there is an external slot for miroSD card, meaning you can still get to load your phone with as many music and pictures as you wish.


The first Nokia 3310 was well known for its Battery long life, it seems Nokia does not forget too as they have taken time to increase the new Nokia 3310 Battery life.
A removable 1,200mAh power pack is an instant upgrade over the 900mAh of the original, and thanks to the improvements in phone efficiency the new Nokia boasts 22 hours of talk time and up to 31 days of standby.
That’s really a huge upgrade over the 2.5 hours of talktime and 260 hours (around 11 days) of standby on the original Nokia . You can charge the new 3310 with a standard microUSB cable too, so no need for the old Charger.

    The first Nokia 3310 was produced long before manufacturers started equipping cameras in phones, but this is 2017, a lot has improve mobile phones and it makes sense for the new Nokia to sport a snapper – even though it’s not a top notch.
It has a 2MP camera on the rear of the phone (No front Cameras). There’s no flash, HDR, or anything fancier than a simple point and shoot camera with a digital zoom. It’s not a high end Camera, but we can see it being a handy feature on a backup smartphone.

  While you wait for its release this is all we can say about the Phone, maybe I will come back to update the post if I notice any new thing I omitted.

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