How To Flash Xiaomi Phones ROM with MiFlash Tool

How to Flash all xiaomi Device ROM with MiFlash Tool  -  Follow this Guide

How To Flash Xiaomi Device Fastboot ROM - Complete Guide 

You have come to this page because you are interested in flashing your Xiaomi Device, probably it’s bricked, infected, slowed performance or you just want to have it updated or Downgraded. Whatever the case may be this Tutorial will help you fix that.
Xiaomi users receive regular OTA update on their Mobile Devices; those with technical know how that prefer to update their device via Fastboot or Recovery ROM method are not left out as updates are made available to them for download.
Flashing a Xiaomi Smart Phone ROM is not rocket science; there are many Free and Paid tools that can help you achieve that in less than no time. MiFlash Tool is one of such tool, I recommend it because it’s developed and released by Xiaomi Inc. for its smart Phones and Tablet Manual ROM Update [Flashing].

Buttons [Jargons] associated with MiFlash Tool

Driver:  When MiFlash Tool has installed it comes with several Inbuilt utility programs like Microsoft MTP & RNDIS Drivers, Google ADB Tool and Driver, Qualcomm USB derail Drivers & Nvidia Device Drivers by default; you can confirm the Installed drivers by clicking on the driver button at the top left corner of the screen.

Log: Located at the Top left corner of the screen, this button accesses the automatically generated text file of all your activities.

Select: By clicking this button you can browse your PC to the folder you saved the firmware you wish to flash your Device with.

Refresh: When you have connected your device in Fastboot mode via USB Cable to a PC running MiFlash Tool, clicking refresh makes software to detect your device.

Clean All: Located at the bottom right corner of the screen. By selecting this radio button before initiating the Flash Button you tell the software to wipe all user Data during the process.

Save User Data: when this button is selected before flashing, it instructs MiFlash Tool to do it job but not wipe user data during the process.

Clean All and Lock: this option would lock your bootloader after flashing; I advise you don’t select it except you wish to wait for another 3 – 7 days to have your bootloader unlocked when next you wish to flash your Device ROM.

Flash: This Button initiates the fastboot flashing process, only click it when you have located and added .tgz File.

Unlocking Xiaomi Device Bootloader

Recent Xiaomi Devices are released with their bootloader locked as such I have decided to include this section as part of the procedure to Flash a Xiaomi Device since a locked Bootloader would prevent your fastboot from flashing.

If your device Bootloader is unlocked you may skip this step, otherwise proceed with the steps below to get it unlocked.

To unlock your Xiaomi Device you have to apply for unlocking permission by visiting, to Register and log in to fill an unlock request application form.

Note: In your application form give a valid reason why you want your bootloader unlocked e.g you can state that your device came with a custom ROM, you want to flash the Official MIUI ROMs or that your Phone is bricked therefore please grant my unlock request.

When you have applied be patient as it may take 3 – 10 days to get approved or denied, notification SMS would be sent to your phone.

When your application is approved!
Next Download and install Xiaomi’s Device Official unlock Tool ( MiFlashUnlock ) to unlock your Bootloader.  (How To Install MiFlashUnlock)


• You must be logged into your Mi user Account on your Device before using MiFlashUnlock Tool.

• There is only one unlock slot every 30 days per account if you have more than one Device to unlock within 30 days just create multiple accounts on the unlock forum with different phone numbers and wait for approval.
(How to unlock mi bootloader).

Flashing Xiaomi MiUI ROM using MiFlash Tool

Though there are more than one way to flash a Xiaomi Device Firmware, this section would specifically focus on how to do that using its Official Flash Tool.

Download and Install the Latest MiFlash Tool on your PC (32 - 64 bit compatible), if you get security warning during installation, select run to continue.  

Download and install your Xiaomi Device Driver on your PC.

Download Your Xiaomi device firmware (Stock ROM, Custom ROM) from this Page.

Flashing Tips:

• Ensure the device you wish to flash has at least 50% charge.

• Back up all your data on an external storage device, or on Mi Cloud before flashing, I still recommend it even though you have selected “Save user Data”. You know things may go south.

• Close all Apps. And turn off your Anti-Virus software as it may flag off your flash file as a Virus.

• Ensure you are flashing your device with its correct Model and Variant Firmware. Any mistake could be fatal.

• Enable USB Debugging Mode On your Device else you may get a connection error.

• Once you have clicked Flash do not interrupt by Turning off your PC or disconnecting your Phone or Tablet.

• Flashing your Device may void your warranty (Refer to your warranty notice)

• You are about to follow this Tutorial at your own risk.

Steps To Update Or Downgrade MiUI ROM

• When you have successfully Installed MiFlash Tool on your Computer.

• Next turn off your Xiaomi Device (Phone or Tablet).

• Press the Volume Down Key + the Power button key at the same time to boot into fastboot mode.
How to Update Xiaomi Tablet UI using MiFlash Tool

• Then connect the device to your PC via a Micro USB cable.

• Extract the downloaded Firmware file if you are yet to do that.

• Next open the folder you saved the extracted Custom Rom or Stock Rom Package and copy its path on your computer.

Install a new Custom ROM or Stock ROM on Xiaomi Smart Phone

• Now open your Miflash Tool and paste the file folder path you copied earlier on the “select” bar.

How can I Flash Xiaomi Phone ?  -  Follow this Tutorial

• Next click on “Refresh Button” and MiFlash should automatically recognize your device.

Step by Step Guide on how to flash MiUI Android Device

• When your Device has been detected, next click “Flash Button” to initiate the flashing process.

Detect your device  -  Proceed to Flash Button and Initiate Flashing

• Be patient as it may take up to 30 minutes to be completed when the progress bar turns green your device would automatically reboot.

Complete Guide on how to Flash Xiaomi Tablet and Phones  -  Successful Flashing  !

Congratulations !!!!!!


Let’s try troubleshooting

•  Disconnect your phone and retry on another USB Port or cable
•  Download and reinstall another driver for your device
•  Confirmed if you had successfully unlocked your device bootloader
•  Please ensure the path to the ROM file folder is correct.
•  If you had chosen “save user data” switch to “Flash all”
•  Rename your Rom file extension to .tgz .
•  Download another rom e.g if you had used China stable ROM try developers      ROM or vice versa
•  If your problem persists please follow the links below

Other Method of Flashing MiUI

  How to Flash Recovery ROM on Xiaomi Device

•  How to flash or update Xiaomi phones with Mi PC Suit.

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