How To Bypass/Remove Factory Reset Protection (FRP) on MediaTek Phones

3 ways to unlock google email lock - FRP Lock
Welcome to avatecc, before I proceed with this tutorial let’s briefly learn what FRP means and how it helps to secure Android Devices.

FRP which stands for Factory Reset Protection is a Security feature on Android 5.0 Lollipop powered devices and subsequent versions, the FRP feature is activated when a device associated with a Google account is reset through fastboot or recovery mode menu.

This feature is supposed to prevent unauthorized access by logging a user out after a reset until the most recent Google account synchronized to the device is supplied for verification before access is granted. Though incorporated as an anti-theft measure, this feature could log a device owner out after reset, if the google account email address or password entered is not correct.

Google FRP status
Google's Verify Screen
Not to worry there are different ways to bypass FRP on different phones, in this series of tutorials we‘ll focus on MediaTek-MTK powered Phones like Tecno, Alcatel, Gionee, Wiko, Infinix, and some Itel etc. the procedure is quite simple, even to non-technical people, all you need to do is follow either of the guides below, step by step to deactivate FRP lock.

• You might lose your data in some case, though the SP Flash tool method has an option to prevent data loss.
• Your Phone must be at last 50% charged.
• Deactivate your Anti-Virus Software.


First and foremost Install MEDIATEK USB VCOM DRIVERS before you proceed, failure to do that means none of the methods below would work for you as your Device won’t be recognized. – DOWNLOAD

Download cracked Miracle Box 2.27A or Miracle Thunder Edition – [works without Box] to your PC and unpack it to your desktop. - Download

• Open the Extracted Cracked Miracle Box Folder and run the loader.exe as Admin.

Launch miracle Box - Google account Lock

• At this point, Miracle Box should now Load.
• Next, Locate and click on MTK Tab.

Select MTK - Google account Lock

• Under MTK Tab click on Unlock/Fix Tab, Select Clear Setting/FRP the click on the Start Button at the bottom right to initiate.

Click unlock/fix tab - google account lock

• Next, you can choose either Yes/No to backup data or skip the step before resetting your FRP lock.
• Turn off your device and Connect it via USB cable to your PC and wait until miracle box status changes to “DONE”.

miracle box successful status - google account lock

• Congratulations you can now disconnect your device and power it on. 
• Follow the after reset setup procedure, FRP won’t stand in your way again after completing this bypass process.


The next method involves SP Flash Tool, This tool is free and quite popular among phone technicians, and not to worry if you are new to SP Flash Tool I’ll simplify the whole guide for easy understanding.

• You must download FRP reset file for your specific Smartphone before you proceed
• The files are not huge, only few kilobyte – Download.
• The most interesting part is that you can reset your device FRP without wiping your Data in the process.

• Make sure MTK VCOM DRIVERS are installed on your PC or Mac.
• Download the latest SP Flash Tool and extract it to your desktop – [Download]

• Download FRP Reset File for your specific MTK device and extract it to your desktop – Download.

• Open SP Flash Tool and load the Scatter file in the FRP Reset folder you had extracted.

launch sp flash tool - google account lock

sellect scatter - google account lock

• At this point, you will see FRP, preloader and userdata partition loaded in the SP Flash Tool Window.

frp reset with sp flash tool - google account lock

• Unmark preloader and userdata and leave only FRP.

mark only frp - google account lock

• Before you proceed, ensure that the download mode is set to Download Only !!
• Next click on Download Button in SP Flash Tool, Turn Off your Device and connect it to your PC via USB Cable.
• When you see the Download complete message, congratulations you just bypassed/reset/removed FRP on your Device.

frp reset don - sp flash tool - google account lock

• See Detailed Tutorial on How to Use SP Flash Tool – Tutorial


Download FRP Reset Files Below


• Alcatel 5022D FRP Reset File – Download
• Alcatel Pixi 4(7) 9003X FRP Reset File – Download
• Alcatel Pixi 4 5010X FRP Reset File – Download
• BLU Life XL L050U FRP Reset File - Download
• Gionee P8W FRP Reset – Download
• Gionee M5 FRP Reset – Download
• Gionee F103 Pro FRP Reset – Download
• Infinix Hot V3 FRP Reset File – Download
• Infinix Hot S X521 FRP Reset File – Download
• Infinix Hot   X556 FRP Reset File – Download
• Infinix Hot 4 X557 FRP Reset File – Download
• Infinix Hot 4 Lite FRP Reset File – Download
• Infinix Hot 5 X559C FRP Reset File – Download
• Infinix Hot 5 X559 FRP Reset File – Download
• Infinix Hot 2 X510 FRP Reset File – Download
• Infinix Note 3 X601 [Android 5.0] FRP Reset File – Download
• Infinix Note 3 X601 [Android 7.0] FRP Reset File – Download
• Infinix Note 4 Pro X571 FRP Reset File – Download
• Infinix Note 4 X572 FRP Reset File – Download
• Infinix Smart X5010 FRP Reset File – Download
• Itel P51 FRP Reset File – Download
• Itel A31 FRP Reset File – Download
• Itel S11 FRP Reset File – Download
• Itel S12 FRP Reset File – Download
• Itel S31 FRP Reset File – Download
• Itel S32 FRP Reset File – Download
• Itel S41 FRP Reset File – Download
• Itel 1655 FRP Reset File – Download
• Leagoo M8 [Android 6.0 - Marshmallow] FRP Reset File – Download
• Leagoo Shark 5000 FRP Reset File – Download
• Lenovo K52 FRP Reset File – Download
• Lenovo P1ma40 FRP Reset File – Download
• Moto C Xt1754 FRP Reset File – Download
• MTN S620 FRP Reset File – Download
• MTN L860 FRP Reset File – Download
• Oukitel C8 FRP Reset File – Download
• Tecno Spark K7 FRP Reset File – Download
• Tecno Spark Plus K9 FRP Reset File – Download
• Tecno W1 Reset File – Download
• Tecno w2 Reset File – Download
• Tecno W3 Reset File – Download
• Tecno W3 LTE Reset File – Download
• Tecno W4 Reset File – Download
• Tecno W5 Reset File – Download
• Tecno W5  Lite Reset File – Download
• Tecno WX3 Reset File – Download
• Tecno WX3P Reset File – Download
• Tecno Camon C9 Reset File – Download
• Tecno Camon CX Reset File – Download
• Tecno Camon CX Air Reset File – Download
• Tecno IN1 FRP Reset File – Download
• Tecno IN5 FRP Reset File – Download
• Tecno L8 FRP Reset File – Download
• Tecno L8 Plus FRP Reset File – Download
• Tecno L8 Lite FRP Reset File – Download
• Tecno L9 Plus FRP Reset File – Download
• Tecno Boom J8 FRP Reset File – Download
• Tecno DroidPad 7C Pro FRP Reset File – Download
• Tecno DroidPad 7D P701 FRP Reset File – Download
• Wiko Slide 2 FRP Reset File – Download
• X-TIGI Version 6 FRP Reset File – Download


Another way of bypassing FRP on MediaTek powered phones is by formatting a single partition of the device, this procedure requires SP Flash Tool and Notepad ++, so if you are already conversant with SP Flash tool you will find this tutorial easy and straightforward.

If you are unable to boot into recovery mode to perform a factory reset just format “userdata” and “cache partitions” using the procedure below.


• Download SP Flash Tool – [Download]
• Download Notepad++ - Download
• Scatter File for your Specific Device model/variant. [You can download your device firmware/scatter file from this site, though if you had backed up your device firmware, you can as well use it]

• After downloading SP Flash Tool, extract the folder to your desktop and launch SP Tool.

launch sp tool - google account lock

• Locate and select the Scatter file for your Device, by selecting the “choose” button beside “scatter-loading File”.
• In the window that popup, navigate to your device specific scatter file and select it.
• Your Scatter file will load and take you back to SP Flash Tool window, then click on the “Format Tab”.

• Select “Manual Format Flash” to continue.

manual format - google account lock

• Next, minimize SP Flash Tool and navigate to the folder of the Scatter File you had selected earlier.
• Open the Folder, locate and Right click on MT65xx_Android_Scatter.txt and select Edit with Notepad++.

open scatter with note pad++ - google account lock

• Viewing through Notepad++, scroll down the content of the scatter file till you get to the partition you wish to format [in this case, we want to format FRP partition]
Or simply press CTRL + F and type FRP then hit enter to search the entire scatter text for FRP.

how to reset google account lock - google email account

• Carefully note the values under “linear_start_addr:” and “partition_size:”
• Next, copy the values under “linear_start_addr:” go back to SP Flash Tool window and paste the value into “Format Tab”, inside "Begin Address[HEX]:" e.g 0x4FA0000.

google account lock - frp reset

Also copy the value under “partition_size” and paste it into "End Address[Hex]:" e.g  0x100000.

google account lock - frp reset by sp flash tool

• Next hit the start button.

click start to initialize - reset google lock

• Turn off your device and connect to PC via USB cable.
• You will get a green OK status when the procedure is successful.

google privacy lock reset

• Disconnect your device and boot up.
• Congratulations FRP has been reset/removed from your smartphone.


MediaTek might come as a new  or unknown name to those who care less about the pieces their Devices  are made of,  though MediaTek is quite popular among Gadgets, Phones and other consumer electronic device manufacturers, the Taiwanese semiconductor company which is a Major supplier of Chipset and other electronic hardware in china, Taiwan and other part of the world was founded in 1997, since then it has remained a key player in  providing system on chip solution (SoC) for many devices, in 2016 it was named the third Fabless IC Designer worldwide.

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