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Qualcomm flash image loader abbreviated as QFIL is a utility software developed for Windows PC, this special-purpose program allows the writing of firmware on Qualcomm powered phones and tablet.

What is Qualcomm
Since we are writing to the general DIY community we always assume our readers does not have any prior knowledge on the topic hence we try to explain how stuffs really work to them, for those that are already familiar with the literature you can skip to the download button at the button of this page.

Qualcomm is a kind of general-purpose microprocessors used on smartphones,  just like Intel, AMD, etc. are the heart of a Desktop or Laptop computer, Qualcomm play the same role in the smartphone industry, though Qualcomm is a multi-product brand, what we are interested in is their line of processors which powers smartphones and other devices.

In the consumer product industry, there are other players like Mediatek, Unisoc, Exynos, Apple Bionic Series, etc. each of these brands has its own tool for loading firmware on the devices they power, as for Qualcomm QFIL offers that solution.

QFIL Description
QFIL is engineered to handle hardcore function like loading stockroom/custom Rom on Qualcomm powered devices, it supports all version of Qualcomm chip, the only requirement is that to have your device recognized you must, first of all, install your device-specific driver on your working machine (Computer).

This tool supports the installation of firehose.mbn or .elf extension for any smartphone or tablet.

How To Install QFIL
This software is portable in nature, what it means is that you don't have to go through the stress of installation, all you have to do is simply,
Download Qfil below the link provided below. 
Open the .rar file and extract the Qfil folder to your PC.
Open the extracted folder and locate QFIL.exe and double click to launch the program.

Qualcomm Flash Image Loader
Qualcomm Mobility LLC
File Size

QFIL Version:
File Size: 3MB 

QFIL Version:
File Size: 4MB

QFIL Version:
File Size: 4MB 

QFIL Version:
File Size: 4MB

QFIL Version:
File Size: 4MB

QFIL Version:
File Size: 4MB

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