Dangers Of Using Your Phone While it's Charging

"None Haven't Been Tempted"

The above lines say a lot about this topic, there are so many times I have made this mistake prior to doing a little research on the topic.

Having a low bar is something I'm used to, but there are times back then when I was so into a conversation that I wouldn't imagine my phone going blackout just to keep the call or chat in motion I had to connect it to a power source and continue while the phone is charging.

You may be familiar with this scenario, it's something many smartphone users are guilty of, but I tell you this simple and harmless exercise could be fatal.

Let's see how easy it is to have electrons flow through your body in overdose by this rush to continue attitude.

What is electricity?
I'm not really into academic kinds of stuff here but an article like this requires a brief definition of the subject matter.

In a nutshell, Electricity is actually the flow of electron through a complete circuit.

Don't crack your brain over this if you are not scientifically inclined, just understand that Electricity is what lights your bulbs.

When your device is connected to a power source, the charger is actually stepping down the voltage to your device power specification, this is obviously what your charger is designed to do, you shouldn't get too entangled with electricity and lose consciousness of how deadly it could be.

Below are a few ways electricity could cause irreversible damage to your body within a minute.
Third party charger: China has really helped to make smartphones and it's accessories affordable , but there's another side to the story, most of this third-party manufacturers are not safety conscious, they are in the business for profit so anything goes, what I mean is that if you are using a substandard charger you stand a chance of being unlucky with your life, there's even a case of a girl who got burnt as a result of using a fake iPhone charger.


ThunderBolt: you may have an original charger with well-insulated body which supposedly means no harm could get to you, you are actually safe but you may have another problem, one rising from poor earthing of your home, in an event of a thunderbolt while your phone is connected to a power source and in your hand could be fatal especially when the smartphone casing is made of a metal.

heat - temperature

Temperature: This may be rare but its likelihood can't be ignored, heat is the greatest enemy of lithium battery yet every lithium battery gets hot while charging and almost every smartphone in the market is powered by this battery, though engineers who create device casing make room for the thermal expansion, yet this is not enough reason to be carefree, the device may be well engineered, nevertheless it does not eliminate the likely hood of something going wrong, for instance  the device may be charged in a hot environment and may overstrain the battery, which may lead to an explosion.

These are just a few examples of how unsafe it is to use your smartphone while it's charging, there are more scenarios not mentioned in this post, the best you can do for your self is to be cautious of how you handle live wire.

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