How To Flash Huawei Phones [Step By Step Guide]

Huawei Flashing Tutorial

I’m going to assume you are a novice hence I’ll give you a successive bottom top approach on this topic, as a matter of fact, it’s going to be a DIY tutorial, those with prior knowledge about Phone Flashing can skip the introductory part of this Article to the Step by Step Guide Section.

Huawei is a Chinese base consumer electronics manufacturer with international market presence, the company boasts of many high ends and low-end smartphones in its flagships, like other manufacturers, though responsible for the design and development of its hardware its software is generic, basically, all Huawei smartphones are powered by Google’s Android Operating System.

EMUI is the official Huawei’s Android-powered custom skin; the software enjoys periodic update based on the most recent Android version in the market.

Every Computer-based product is powered by an Operating System, In the case of Huawei smartphones, its operating System is Called Android OS. Flashing in this context is the removal or deletion of the current operating system in a device in order to install a newer or better one.

Basically, there are three aftermarket reasons why anyone may wish to flash his phone.

REPAIRS: Just like hardware, software do encounter failure probably due to user or manufacturer’s error, in this case, the faulty Operating system needs to be taken out in other to install a new and working one.

UPGRADE: Android is a work in progress as Google tends to make a regular upgrade to its operating system, in order to be up to date with the latest version you need to get rid of the previous version to make room for the latest.

DOWNGRADE: This is the opposite of upgrade; a user may choose to travel back in time by installing an older version of an Operating System due to functionalities that are no longer supported by the recent version.

Though there may be more, actually the above three are the most basic reason for flashing a Phone, now let’s proceed, there are many procedures for flashing a Huawei smartphone the method to use is dependent on the kind of software challenge you are faced with, the procedure for carrying out an upgrade or downgrade is almost the same but different for software repairs especially when the device is bricked.


FIRMWARE: This is another name for an operating system they are used interchangeably more variants are Stock ROM, flash file, Scatter File, Custom Rom etc. don’t worry about the difference as they are subtle, for instance, Custom ROM is user-defined while stock Rom is factory or manufacturer’s default firmware package for a device.

BRICKED PHONE: You may have come in contact with this word earlier, in a nutshell, it means a corrupt operating system or firmware, when a device is bricked it fails to come on or boot to the menu in some cases the device enters into a boot loop (Hang on logo).

FLASH TOOL: A special tool designed by a device manufacturer or third party developer for the purpose of reloading firmware on the device.

RECOVERY MODE: Otherwise known as engineering mode, it’s a Generic Android feature that grants a user or developer access to the background functions with which hardware testing and software repairs could be performed.

BOOTLOADER: It is a manufacturer’s protection against accidental or security bypass, this protection must be lifted before flashing a Huawei phone with a third party Firmware.

OTA: Over the air update is a default feature in devices that support online periodic operating system upgrade.

MTK: An abbreviation for Mediatek, A Chinese Chipset manufacturer, notes that a considerable number of Huawei phones are powered by this processor.

  You must understand that you are fully responsible for whatever damage you incur while flashing your device.
•  Power is very important, hence your device should be at least 50% charged.
Ensure you back up your Data before commencing any of these procedures.
 If you wish to flash your device with the SD card method, you must ensure your device has at least 4GB external memory card.
 If you are flashing with PC, make sure it’s connected to a steady power supply.
 Unlock Huawei Bootloader before making an attempt to flash else you may be restricted.
 Download the exact firmware for your device; do not mistake another variant of a model as the same.

WARNING: Flashing your phone may void its warranty, therefore contact Huawei’s Phones service centre if your phone is still under warranty.

The most efficient way to upgrade an Android device is via OTA update but in a situation where your device does not receive OTA update automatically it’s recommended you download the firmware and manually erase and write your device Flash Memory.

The methods below are applicable to both upgrade and downgrade option, to initialize the process first and foremost choose any of this SD Card update procedure and follow the outlined steps.


The added advantage of this method is that you can actually initialize the process without turning off your phone.
• First and foremost Download and extract Huawei Mobile update package and unzip it.
• Copy the dload folder you just extracted including UPDATE.APP file to the root directory on your SD Card.
• In your Huawei Phone Open the dialer and type “ *#*#2846579#*#*” [Do not include the quote sign]
• Follow the options as shown below.
> Project Menu > Software Upgrade > SD Card Upgrade

Phone upgrade to latest version of operating System

• Select the UPDATE.APP you had copied to your SD Card storage.
• At this point, the installation process will commence, kindly wait until the process is successful.

Upgrade process

• The phone will automatically restart to its upgraded version.


This is more like the Normal upgrade, the significant difference is that in the Forced Upgrade Method you need to power off your phone to commence the process.
• Download the specific Firmware for your device model
• Create a new folder in your SD card root directory and rename it to dload.
• Copy the firmware files you had downloaded to the folder.
• Power Off your Huawei Device.
• Press Volume up and Volume down at the same time, while still holding them press the power button too to have all three pressed at once.
• Your Device will detect the package and initialize flashing automatically.
• Once it’s successful your device will automatically restart to confirm the system image.

Upgrade process

• Note that the first boot may take up to 10 minutes.

Team win recovery project is an open sourced custom recovery interface for all Android Phones.
[Download] and install Team Win TWRP Recovery on your Phone.
Create a new Folder in your SD card and rename it to dload.
Download Huawei firmware and copy the UPDATE.ZIP and DATA FILE UPDATE.ZIP to dload folder.
Next, enter your device to TWRP Recovery by turning off your device and pressing the volume up and power button at the same time.
Go to install, locate the UPDATE.ZIP File and Flash it.
Afterwards, go back without rebooting your device, click install, locate the DATA FILE UPDATE.ZIP and flash it too.
Once the process is complete, click on the WIPE CACHE/DALVIK to wipe and reboot your device.


• Download your Huwaei Device [firmware] from this site and extract it to your PC.
• Download the most recent SP Flash tool from this page - [ Download ]
• Extract the Tool to your PC, open the folder and double click on Flash_tool to run the software.

Huawei Flash Tool

• The Interface is made up of many functionality buttons, you can play around with it later, and since we are concerned with flashing I’ll recommend not altering any settings for a start.
• Locate the choose Button at the middle of the top right corner and double click to navigate your PC to the firmware you had downloaded.

Huawei Flashing Tutorial

• When you arrive at the folder that contains your firmware, double click on it to have it loaded to SP Flash tool.

How To Flash Huawei Phones

• At the top left corner of the tool interface, click on the Download button to initialize the process.
• Next, Switch off your device and connect it to your PC via a USB cable.

How to Flash China Phones

• The Flashing process will commence at this point, please do not unplug your device until you get an error or success message from the tool.

Use Sp Flash tool to flash all Huawei Phones


• Change your PC to Phone USB connector.
• Confirm your firmware; don’t mistake the same model but different variant for your device.
• Test your device USB Female port to ensure its transferring data [Try to transfer any file from your PC to your Phone]
• Service your Phone Mother Board and retry.

How To Flash Huawei Phones

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