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iTel it207

iTel it2020

iTel it2050

iTel it2080

iTel it2090

iTel it2100

iTel it2130

iTel it2150

iTel it2060

iTel it2161

iTel it2162

iTel it2171

iTel it2172

iTel it2180

iTel it2190

iTel it3110

iTel it3120

iTel it4000

iTel it5010

iTel it5010+

iTel it5020

iTel it5023

iTel it5040

iTel it5060

iTel it5070

iTel it5080

iTel it5170

iTel it5231

iTel it5300

iTel it5310

iTel it5311

iTel it5320

iTel it5330

iTel it5600

iTel it5601

iTel it5602

iTel it5605N

iTel it5606

iTel it5610

iTel it5611

iTel it5612

iTel it5616

iTel it5620

iTel it5622

iTel it5625

iTel it6130

iTel it6600

Itel Feature Phones Firmware | Flash File | Pac File | Stock Rom

Itel is a Chinese mobile phone brand with a huge market size in Africa, India, and other Asian countries, as a subsidiary of Transsion Holdings, Itel is well known for bringing cutting-edge specification to Mobile Phones at affordable rate, its line of smartphones include the above-mentioned phones, all running Google’s Android Operating System, it also features basic phones, Accessories, and related products.  For more information visit:  Itel-Mobile

Itel Mobile Devices are mostly powered by either of these processors mentioned !


Spreadtrum Communications Inc is a Chinese Fables SOC Semiconductor Company that design and develop Chipset for Consumer Electronics, Feature Phones, Smartphones and other related products supporting 2G, 3G, 4G wireless standard.
Founded in April 2001, the Company is headquartered in Shanghai, China with R&D Centers across the world, its Chips line up offer high performance and affordability which makes it a perfect choice for a manufacturer that wants to maintain High performance and low cost of production.


MediaTek might come as a new  or unknown name to those who care less about the pieces their Devices  are made of,  though MediaTek is quite popular among Gadgets, Phones and other consumer electronic device manufacturers, the Taiwanese semiconductor company which is a Major supplier of Chipset and other electronic hardware in china, Taiwan and other part of the world was founded in 1997, since then it has remained a key player in  providing system on chip solution (SoC) for many devices, in 2016 it was named the third Fabless IC Designer worldwide.

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